A festive meal for Nicosia’s homeless

Mon 03 Dec 2018
One woman is determined to provide “a warm full tummy” for refugees and the homeless in Nicosia in the run up for Christmas.

Rosie Charalambous, one of the founders of charity Cans for Kids, is organising a Christmas dinner for vulnerable groups on December 20 at the old municipal market in Nicosia’s old city.

“I have never done anything like that before, but I don’t like the commercialisation of Christmas. It should be about sharing and giving love,” she said about the reason for her decision to put together the meal.

The location was chosen as the area around the ‘agora’ is where many of the refugees and asylum seekers live, and it will be right on their doorstep.

After figuring out what is needed, Rosie is now looking for volunteers to help and for sponsors.

“We need volunteers to serve, clear up, refill and also talk to people who are lonely and impoverished,” she said.

“We are aiming at around 100 people, hoping this is not too many and not too few,” she said about her potential guests.

Up to now, she has found two drinks sponsors, Zambartas and Lanitis, and a large supermarket may provide much of the ingredients for the food free of charge, items which would be distributed to the volunteering cooks.

The food will be a traditional turkey meal with vegetarian and even vegan options, choices which came up after the organiser first broached her idea on Facebook.


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