Cooler than normal weather from this weekend

Wed 21 Nov 2018
For a change, the weather will be cooler than is normal for this time of the year by the start of the weekend, the met office announced.

While temperatures are above average and will remain so until Thursday, they are expected to fall on Friday and Saturday.

On Wednesday, the highest temperature on the coast and inland is forecast to be 23C and 15C in the higher mountains.

It is going to be cloudy with some local rains and isolated thunderstorms, and in the evening temperatures will fall to 12C on the central plain, 16C in coastal areas and 8C in and around Troodos.

Similar weather is expected for Thursday.

For Friday and Saturday, the met office foresees more clouds and rain but lower temperatures.

Dust levels are low in most areas but slightly elevated in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol.


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