Cyprus Halloumi is the UK's Favorite Cheese

Wed 26 Sep 2018
Halloumi exports from Cyprus rose 14% to €157 million in 2017, doubling the volume shipped four years ago, reports Bloomberg. The cheese is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, as the UK has become the world's biggest importer. In 2017, 43 percent of the cheese's shipments from Cyprus went to the UK, which is almost three times larger than the No. 2 market, Sweden. Britons buy five times more halloumi than Germans, the third-biggest importer.

“We’ve been sending halloumi to the UK for decades, but it was just a couple of deliveries a week,” says Yiannos Pittas of Nicosia-based Pittas Dairy Industries Ltd., one of the island’s main producers. “It is a huge business now.”

The government of Cyprus has taken out trademarks around the world and has a pending application for the European Commission for Protected Designation of Origin status, which, if approved, will restrict halloumi production to particular geographic areas, according to the report.

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