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In Pursuit of Happiness 3

Who are you really?

For all of you out there that are struggling to find what makes you happy in a more permanent way, it’s probably down to your past conditioning life, especially childhood, which has affected your thoughts and decisions which in turn have given you an identity/blueprint of who you think you are and produced patterns that you’re not even aware of. Habits that block your path to your true happiness. These thoughts and patterns of behaviour have controlled your life over the years, and still continue to do so. They have stopped you from being the true YOU.

The saying “The past has made me what I am today” is very true, because you’ve let it! But the past hasn’t necessarily made you what you want to be today?? In order to be who you want to be, and know what you need to make you happy, you first have to find the true you, the soul you and not your thoughts. You have to find your true power within.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

To do this you will have to start living in ‘the present moment’. Then you will have the chance to change your thoughts and habits. When you start to change the way you think about life, the world around you will begin to look different. Finding and being you is the start of your path to happiness.

Everyone will find periods of being happy in different ways, more so at weekends when most people have more spare time. It can be spending time with family, walking the dogs or socialising with your friends. And then when Monday arrives, the happiness factor goes away again? (this is more to do with your job than the day of the week). These periods of happiness occur when you are in a vibrational alignment with who you really are, but you don’t realise it.

Your present thoughts and patterns of behaviour are not going to be easy to change quickly. You must practise a new way of thinking and produce new patterns/habits. New ones that help you along the path to happiness.

As I advised in last month’s article, spending more time on your own, preferably surrounded by nature, (and without your phone) is a good way of learning to stay in the now moment. This is where you find your true self and what that true self needs in order to be happy. And by being totally aware of the universal surroundings of nature, a sense of the new powerful ‘you’ will be felt.

I personally find the beach an ideal place to join with nature, and I walk and meditate there every day. You can power walk first for physical exercise, (better without the headphones so you can be more aware of your surroundings), and then sit and just look, observe everything that’s going on around you. Look at the sky and clouds, look and observe the sea and be aware of the waves breaking on the beach, and how each one is different.

Every wave that rolls in is unique, no two waves are the same and only breaks once, then it’s gone, making room for more to follow, just like the waves of challenges coming into your moment. Look at the palm trees and how they bend and move in the wind. A palm tree just bends with the strongest winds that comes at it, then stands straight again. Imagine being like that palm tree and bending (accepting) with every challenge that blows into your moment, and then stand tall again undamaged.

Listen to the sounds all around you, the sea, trees, children, birds. Then feel the sand and water, the rocks and any trees that are on the beach, realise your connection with them. There may be other people around you, walking toward and then past you, speak to them, say hello, you are all connected. Every one of you is unique and special. and like the waves, none of you are the same. Even after only twenty minutes of doing this you realise that you haven’t been thinking past or future thoughts? No, you’ve become part of everything, an observer IN the present moment. This is where you find you. Because your thoughts are constantly moving between the past (memories) and the future (thinking "What's next"?), you may feel that you are out of harmony with life and the eternal Now; but you cannot be, because you ARE life and exist Now . . . otherwise you would not be here. So become what you are.

You will realise that you are special, unique, an energy that is part of the universe. Yes, you are a vessel of energy, and connected to the universe. Later I’ll explain how you can tap into that Universal Energy to manifest all the things you choose to make you happy.

Roger Brown - Inner Beauty
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