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In Pursuit of Happiness 2

“The purpose of our life is happiness”. This simple statement from HH Dalai Lama can be used as a powerful tool to help us deal with life’s so-called problems. When too many circumstances and situations enter our lives, we can feel overwhelmed which is a good time to stand back and remind ourselves of our overall purpose, our overall goal… True happiness.

This, I repeat, cannot be found outside in the material world because it is a feeling inside yourself. A feeling of love and gratitude for life’s blessings, and without the feelings of worry, stress, anxiety or sadness. You can start on your path to true happiness from the moment you make a conscious decision to do so. It is not everlasting, because there are always circumstances and situations entering our moment space constantly to interrupt it, and how we respond to these, decides how long our happiness lasts, therefore it cannot be reached by a ‘goal’. The word ‘goal’ is the wrong one, because there is no definite end result. True happiness must be constantly nurtured.

As I stated in last month’s article we first have to develop an inner discipline so we can undergo a transformation of our perspective, our whole outlook and approach to living. We must learn (by regular practice), to identify and eliminate low vibration states (negative thoughts from past), and start to cultivate more of the higher vibrational states, positive thoughts, responses and emotions. This will lead to an understanding and awareness of what truly does or doesn’t lead to happiness.

Eliminate thoughts and situations that stop you from being happy. By doing this you will realise that you are living and learning in the present moment, the now. If you turn toward the direction to happiness, and make a conscious decision from the present moment to mainly think about, visualise, and seek what makes you happy in a systematic way, you can change the rest of your life around profoundly.

The present moment is in the space between your thoughts, (especially from the past, and the prediction of the so-called future), a total awareness of what’s happening now. Every new experience happens here. And remember that you attract everything that comes into your moment space.

I quite often hear people say to me, “Roger, I understand what you are trying to say to me, but I’ve tried everything over the years to be and stay happy, but it’s got me nowhere!” Nowhere? Well, that’s a good place to end up.” Why is that??”

Because when you create a space in NOWHERE you get NOW-HERE.

The first step on the path to happiness is to be aware of, and stay in the present moment. Start by spending more time on your own (and this means without your phone?) preferably in nature, and, by using your senses, become totally aware of your surroundings of which you are a part of. You are part of the universe and connected to it, so start connecting, ready to use the power that it’s provided in you.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, start to become more aware of your surroundings, what’s happening in your present moment.

The one important time to be fixed in the now moment, and the easiest one to start with, is when you are driving your car. When driving, stay in the driving moment and be totally aware of what you are doing until you reach your destination. Don’t let any thoughts (OR PHONE) in to distract you.

Practice being alone in the present moment as often as you can, because it’s from here where you send out messages to manifest the happiness you want to come into your life, into your moment.

Like I’ve explained before, I’ve experienced everything that I’m writing, and I know that changes cannot be made instantly. First you have to choose to be happy. Then start to bring happiness into your present life to make that happy, then continue to make those changes.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” - Aristotle.

Roger Brown - Inner Beauty
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