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Moving into “A 3rd Dimension”
“A 3rd Dimension” is the latest exhibition of artist Judith Constantinou, which will be opened by renowned horticulturist Patricia Ann Jordan QEQM on 28 September at 1830, “The Studio, Tala.”

The sculpture exhibition celebrates Judith’s 8th decade as an artist and her new artistic direction. “Since I can remember, I’ve always had a pencil in my hand and loved drawing, sketching and painting. I found though that I now wanted to explore a more three-dimensional approach and was excited to discover the world of carving and sculpture. I joined the workshop of Turtle and Moon Art Studio run by Lise Constantinou-Briggs when I wanted to record some traditional and historical material, and was quickly addicted.

This exhibition shows the power of sculpture to define our environment. Inert in their existence, yet dynamic in form, Judith’s work is a combination of historical references – from the 4th Egyptian dynasty, to Chinese motives and even contemporary pieces inspired by the sea and landscape of Cyprus. “I actually began by making a small bird for my daughter’s garden, and my passion and excitement for the possibilities grew from there. This exhibition represents almost two years of work which can be left both inside the home, as well as in the garden. All the sculptures are especially treated to survive the weather conditions in Cyprus. It’s a great honour to have Patricia Jordan open the exhibition. I’ve been following her beautiful gardens for years and of course have her publications too.”

Judith Constantinou studied at the Barlett School of Architecture, London University graduating with Distinction. She held her first solo exhibition in 1964 in Famagusta. After 29 years in South Africa, she returned to Cyprus to continue an ongoing love affair with the simple beauty and rich cultural heritage of the island. These are reflected in her water-colours, acrylics and now, her sculptures.

She teaches drawing, water-colours and acrylics in her Tala Studio and regards the interaction between professional artists and students as a vital part of the artistic process. She is regularly commissioned both for her painting and sculpture, with her work hanging in the USA, Japan, Singapore, South Africa as well as across Europe.

The sculpture exhibition “A 3rd Dimension” will open at 18h30 on Friday 28 September at The Studio, Tala, 4 Ayios Stephanos Street, Tala, Paphos - followed by a reception. A percentage of the proceeds will go towards the non-profit organisation, Tala Monastery Cats.

Directions: From Casa Luna Italian Restaurant, turn first right into 4 Ayios Stephanos.

Telephone: 99722031 ANNA for further details/directions

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